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Meet The "Netflix
for Vocabulary"

GoManda is a strength-based vocabulary learning app for autistic and neurodivergent children.


GoManda uses the unique learning style of autistic children to improve language and build vocabulary foundations from the ground up.


Download now and start your 7-day FREE trial today! Available on iPhone and iPad.

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Lots of categories to choose from and hundreds of nouns to learn!

Hear What Our Community Has To Say

Speech Pathologist Testimonial

“In my 20 years as a speech pathologist, I’ve been waiting for something like this.” 

- Julie, Speech Pathologist

Parent Testimonial

“I like it because my son is not distracted with a lot of other objects, buttons, or sounds and is able to focus on one topic and see it in multiple forms.”


- Mary, Parent and Pediatrician

School Director Testimonial  

“50% of communication is listening and not many apps today address this, and that’s what GoManda does. It addresses receptive ID, something fundamental, beyond autism.”

- Alana, School Director

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GoManda App Features

  • Designed for neurodivergent learners

  • In-app progress tracking 

  • Adjustable sound for auditory sensitive learners

  • White backgrounds to reduce distractions

  • Increases vocabulary by 400%

  • Hundreds of nouns to learn 

  • Affordable solution for building early childhood vocabulary


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