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Learning vocabulary the right way with GoManda

GoManda is an early childhood vocabulary education app built for neurodivergent and autistic learners. Our app cheers for each student's unique talents, making sure that each student has access to tools that will help them succeed in learning vocabulary and beyond.  

Why GoManda?

Mastery tracking

Increase your students' focus and engagement with minimalist lesson design.

Distraction-free lessons 

Real-time data tracking helps identify your students' strengths and where they should spend more time practicing.

Saves time

Save time by removing the need for outdated handmade flashcards.

How GoManda Works

1. Customize your student's lesson by choosing from hundreds of nouns, colors, and shapes to learn, or let your student explore the app through Free Play. 


3.  Doing well? Get rewards! Rewards are based on your student’s personal interests to increase motivation and engagement.


2. Once you select a lesson plan, your student will start distraction-free and interest-led learning, teaching that each noun can have different colors, textures, and materials through photorealistic images. 


4. Real-time data tracking lets you know what word set your student is mastering and where they may need more support. All data can be exported to anyone on your student’s support team directly from the app!

GoManda at home has never been easier! 


Minimalistic design
Photorealistic images and videos
More variations of each common word
Interest-led lessons

Track mastered words that can be exported
Progress monitoring
Real-time data collection

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