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The award-winning vocabulary education
app for autistic and neurodivergent learners

GoManda is a receptive vocabulary learning resource uniquely designed for autistic and neurodivergent students in the classroom, at home, and in clinicians' care. Help your young learners develop early literacy skills when it matters the most.  

GoManda addresses receptive identification, something fundamental, beyond autism

- Alana, School Director

GoManda was built for neurodivergent minds

“Early vocabulary skills are a strong predictor for several academic outcomes, such as reading and math, as well as social and behavioral outcomes in later years.”

Qingqing Yang & Kelly M. Purtell (2023) Preschoolers’ Vocabulary Skills And Inhibitory Control: The Role Of Classroom Engagement, Early Education and Development, 34:5, 1109-1127, DOI: 10.1080/10409289.2022.2105625

The GoManda App is the first application that leverages the learning styles of neurodivergent learners' to teach foundational concepts like early literacy skills.  


of autistic children struggle with vocabulary comprehension by the third grade.


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GoManda believes in accepting, nurturing, and cheering for all types of learners by building products that are tailored for neurodivergent learning styles - and it shows! 


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Vocabulary education app features

Minimalistic design

Increase student focus and engagement with lessons without distracting animations and components.

Photorealistic images and videos

No cartoonish or unrealistic representations of words.


More variations of each common word

Teaching that the same noun can have different colors, textures, and materials.

Interest-led lessons

Lessons are centered around a student’s specific interests to increase motivation.

Untitled design (34).png
Screenshot 2023-08-29 110240.png

Mastery tracking

Track mastered words that can be exported to families.

Progress monitoring

Real-time data collection for each lesson that can be easily exported.

Save time

Removes the need for time-consuming handmade flashcards.

 Why families, educators, and healthcare providers love us


"In my 20 years as a speech pathologist,

I’ve been waiting for something like this."

- Julie, Speech Pathologist

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