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Increase your neurodivergent students’ literacy skills

GoManda is a receptive vocabulary learning app that teaches vocabulary comprehension to autistic and neurodivergent learners using their learning style.

Minimalistic Design to Increase Engagement

Progress Monitoring with

Real Time Data Collection

Specially Designed Instruction using Strengths-Based Learning

Saves educator’s time

by 90%

See if GoManda is a good fit by scheduling a live demo with a GoManda team member.

GoManda addresses receptive identification, something fundamental, beyond autism

- Alana, School Director

The receptive vocabulary learning resource you’ve been looking for

Receptive vocabulary, or vocabulary comprehension, is the strongest predictor for literacy. Yet, it is frequently neglected in instruction, especially for neurodivergent learners who require specific resources.

of autistic children struggle with vocabulary comprehension by the third grade.



GoManda saves time for educators and effectively teaches vocabulary to neurodivergent learners

GoManda teaches the basics of literacy by combining Evidence-Based Practice with the Science of Learning for neurodivergent learners.

We believe that there is no right or wrong way of learning vocabulary. What’s important is finding the right learning resource that’s tailored to the way students process new vocabulary, particularly neurodivergent students.

Most resources are built for neurotypical learners and very few focus on the unique way neurodivergent children learn receptive vocabulary - until now! 

GoManda is perfect for any child with IEP goals around early literacy skills or any early childhood student learning vocabulary.


  Schedule a Live Demo Today!

See if GoManda is a good fit by scheduling a live demo with a

GoManda team member.

Why our users love GoManda


"My child is not distracted with a lot of other objects, buttons, or sounds and is able to focus on one topic and see it in multiple forms."

- Mariam, Pediatrician and Parent

GoManda Features

Minimalistic design

Increasing student focus and

engagement with lessons 

without distracting animations

and components.

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