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Save your educator's time with real-time progress monitoring 

Save educator time with GoManda’s receptive vocabulary learning and reporting app designed for consistent data tracking that can be used for progress reporting, IEP goal setting, and providing accurate data on targeted goals. 

Minimalistic Design to Increase Engagement

Progress Monitoring with

Real Time Data Collection

Specially Designed Instruction using Strengths-Based Learning

Saves educator’s time

by 90%

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GoManda addresses receptive identification, something fundamental, beyond autism

- Alana, School Director

GoManda helps set and track IEP goals that highlight receptive vocabulary 

Receptive vocabulary, or vocabulary comprehension, is the scientific term for all the words that can be understood, spoken, written, or manually signed. 


The GoManda App helps neurodivergent students learn receptive vocabulary with the help of specially designed instruction. GoManda helps educators track student progress by providing baseline reporting tools, progress monitoring, and sample goal setting to help educators save time on their IEP goal setting and monitoring.

of autistic children struggle with vocabulary comprehension by the third grade.



Help your Special Education Teachers customize lesson plans, track student progress, and save time with GoManda

GoManda combines Evidence-Based Practice with the Science of Learning to create a vocabulary learning resource designed for students who learn differently, and for the educators who teach them! 


Allow your educators to easily set early literacy IEP goals, customize lesson plans based on student interests and learning needs, and track learning progress using customizable reports that can be shared with anyone on the student's care team. 


GoManda was built for ease of use, saving educators’ time and ensuring accurate progress tracking and reporting using the power of data. 

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How educators incorporate GoManda into their classrooms 

GoManda helps educators create engaging lesson plans and track IEP goals in minutes. Educators across the country use GoManda to engage with students during circle time, station time, and individual time in a student-led, instructor-led, interactive monitor, or individual manner.

The GoManda App allows educators to choose the learning method that best fits their classroom and resources. GoManda can be used in:  

  • Circle Time: Interactive Monitor 

  • Circle Time: iPad

  • Station Time: Student-led

  • Station Time: Instructor-led

  • Individual Time: Student-led 

  • Individual Time: Instructor-led 

Explore GoManda in the Classroom

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Speak to a GoManda expert and see if our service is a good fit for your organization. Want a quick quote? Send us a quick message and we’ll get back to you with some numbers! 


Why School Directors love GoManda

"My child is not distracted with a lot of other objects, buttons, or sounds and is able to focus on one topic and see it in multiple forms."

- Mariam, Pediatrician and Parent

GoManda Features

Minimalistic Design

Remove distracting animations and improve your student's ability to focus and engage with vocabulary lessons.

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