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Teaching your child the basics of language the
right way

GoManda is a vocabulary learning app that teaches vocabulary comprehension to autistic and neurodivergent learners using their learning style.

Minimalistic Design and Distractions to Help Your Child Learn

Track Your Child's Progress With Real Time Data Collection

400% Increase in Vocabulary in 5 Weeks

Built for Neurodivergent Learners Ages 2-8


My child is not distracted with a lot of other objects, buttons, or sounds and is able to focus on one topic and see it in multiple forms.

- Mariam, Pediatrician and Parent

Are you worried about your child’s language development?

You are not alone.


of families say their child’s language

development is their #1 concern

Language, whether it’s speaking or nonspeaking, is more than just a way to communicate, it’s a way to engage with one’s surroundings. We at GoManda believe every child should feel connected to their world.

GoManda teaches vocabulary basics to neurodivergent learners 

Did you know that there is no right or wrong way to learn vocabulary?

What’s important is finding the right learning resource that’s tailored to your child’s way of processing new vocabulary. Most resources are built for neurotypical learners and very few focus on the unique way neurodivergent children learn vocabulary - until now!

GoManda is an app that is dedicated to teaching vocabulary to children with different learning styles.


and see if it works for your child.

Try GoManda for


Why our users love GoManda


"In my 20 years as a speech pathologist,

I’ve been waiting for something like this."

- Julie, Speech Pathologist

GoManda Features

Minimalistic design

Increasing student focus and

engagement with lessons 

without distracting animations

and components.

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