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We accept autism just the way it is, let us help nurture your child's strengths.

GoManda is a premier vocabulary education application uniquely built to foster the strengths of neurodivergent learners. We believe in listening to the neurodivergent community, whose voices have helped shape the GoManda app.



Schedule a quick demo to see how GoManda can help your autistic learner

Vocabulary Learning Solution For All

GoManda supports receptive vocabulary education at school and in-home with our uniquely designed interactive iOS app.  

GoManda addresses receptive identification, something fundamental, beyond autism

- Alana, School Director

GoManda Features

Mastery tracking

Progress monitoring

No time-consuming

handmade flashcards.

Minimalistic design

Photorealistic images and videos

More variations of each common word

Interest-led lessons

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Schedule a demo

Schedule a quick demo to see how GoManda can help your autistic learner.

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