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What is GoManda?

GoManda teaches vocabulary to autistic children using their learning style - an app that's been called the Netflix for Vocabulary.


Over the past two years, we've tested GoManda in schools and learning centers. Now, we want to hear what families like you have to say about our app!  

Try the GoManda App 

Please fill out the following form to participate in the GoManda focus group. 

Are you interested in 6 free months of GoManda?
Do you have a child between the ages of 2 and 4 years old?
Are you waiting for your child's formal autism diagnosis?
Are you waiting for your child's speech therapy services to begin?
Are you willing to participate in a monthly survey documenting your child's progress using GoManda?
Are you willing to watch a training video on how you and your child can use GoManda?

About GoManda

Hi, my name is Dr. Celest Austin and I am the founder of GoManda.

I dedicated my life to studying autism after watching my autistic sister, Amanda, experience the lack of resources available to her autistic learning style. This is why I created GoManda. 


Our current research has shown that GoManda can 1) increase vocabulary comprehension by 400% and 2) improve attention by 95%!


By participating in the GoManda Parent Focus Group, you can try GoManda for FREE for 6 months AND be on the ground floor of innovation for autistic learners.


We appreciate your time and hope you join us in cheering for autism!

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