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La educación de vocabulario premiada
aplicación para estudiantes autistas y neurodivergentes

GoManda es un recurso de aprendizaje de vocabulario receptivo diseñado exclusivamente para estudiantes autistas y neurodivergentes en el aula, en el hogar y bajo el cuidado de los médicos. Ayude a sus jóvenes alumnos a desarrollar habilidades de alfabetización temprana cuando más importa.  

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GoManda is committed to student privacy 
Our app is fully compliant with:


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act makes sure that parents have the right to access and control their children's education records and disclose personally identifiable information. GoManda is proud to be FERPA compliant! 


The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ensures that website operators and online services, such as GoManda protect the privacy of children under 13. GoManda is proud to be COPPA compliant! 


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act protects sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient's consent. GoManda is proud to be HIPAA compliant!

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GoManda believes in accepting, nurturing, and cheering for all types of learners by building products that are tailored for neurodivergent learning styles - and it shows! 


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